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Windshield and Eyebrow

Platinum Auto Armor

Windshield and Eyebrow

If you’ve been searching “window tint fort myers fl” then you’re in luck! Platinum Auto Armor’s amazing installers only use the best XPEL tint films on the market.

For everyday driving the most important part of good visibility is sight through your windshield. The worst thing for safe travel is being blinded by the sun while behind the wheel. Our front tint packages make sure to cover the most important part of your windshield to decrease the harsh sunlight and keep your visibility as high as possible. The Eyebrow(top of the windshield) lines up with the sight line to lower the amount of sun directly in your face. This gives a massive improvement in visibility during the brightest parts of the day.

Platinum Auto Armor uses XPEL XR +, XR, And Prime Dyed window tint films to give your car the best look, heat rejection and UV protection. With the highest quality products and installation your guaranteed to be happy with your window tint purchase!

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Windshield and Eyebrow​


  • Front Eyebrow tint on windshield(optional full windshield)
  • XPEL Ceramic XR & XR+ films

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